I’m excited to share that we are able to hold both virtual online classes and in-person classes beginning in September 2020! Our in-person class plan has been approved by Two Rivers Health Department! 


Click here for a quick video message about in person classes!


Here are some of the ways we are working to keep all our families healthy & happy for in-person classes:


  •  Our class schedule has been adjusted to allow more time between classes to stagger arrival and departure of families and to clean and sanitize the studio.
  • Touch free sanitizer stations will be outside the door and inside our studio for sanitizing our hands upon entry and during class as needed.
  • Parents will bring a beach towel or small blanket each week to use as their “space” for sit down activities with their child.
  • Class instruments will be distributed to each family by the educaor with freshly sanitized hands, and collected in a clean container.  Instruemnts will only be shared within families.
  • Face masks are recommended for adults.
  • Families are asked to do a self health evaluation before leaving for class. If any family member is running a fever of 100.4 or higher or is exhibiting any other symptoms, please stay home.


A virtual, online mixed ages class will be offered each week through Zoom for any family that chooses to experience Kindermusik from home.


In our live, virtual class each family will log in to our online classroom through Zoom. We will continue to explore, learn, dance, imagine, and engage together with the same Kindermusik joy through our online platform.